Sorry I’m late…

…but I had a baby and then couldn’t really do anything else other than that for 7 weeks. 

I’m grabbing 20 minutes to write something and could be interrupted at any second by my new job as, Mama, so please bare with me. Grammar is likely to be all over the place and spelling mistakes rife, one cares not for such things as trivial as grammar when having a poo in solitude is the optitomy of bliss. Oh and there’s likely to be a lot of auto correct as I can’t find my laptop and Im writing this on the iPad.

ANYWAY, this time 7 weeks ago I was in labour. There’ll be time in the future for a post on that, maybe far in the future. It wasn’t the magical, beautiful experience that so many women talk about. It sucked. Hard. BUT, the cliche is a cliche for a reason and it brought me my beautiful daughter so I’ll forget about it. Eventually.

Shes gorgeous though. My daughter. It still sounds weird to say that out loud. I’m completely smitten and so is Tom. We’re getting used to being parents, it’s pretty awesome and everything that you read in any of the Buzzfeed or similar “You Know You’re A Parent When..(lol!)” articles. 

I think I’m doing ok, she smiles at me so I must be doing something right, I think we’ll get a giggle in the next week or so. When that happens I can probably just pack my bags and head on up to heaven. I also haven’t dropped her or managed to somehow squish her fontenelle (which is a genuine fear, whenever I hold a tiny baby I’m terrified of somehow squishing their brain).

I’ve yet to venture to any groups, I’m not sure I will, I probably should but you know, new people. I kind of imagine mum and baby groups being a lot like school and I hated school, so the idea scares me, but maybe when the monotony of wandering into town each day just for something to do wears thin, I’ll stop by with hackles raised. You know, last week, I deliberately put back some stuff I needed to buy in town just so I’d have an excuse to head back in to town the next day to get it… 

I’m not really sure what this post is about… mostly just saying HELLO! MY BABY IS HERE AND SHE IS AWESOME. 

So, hello, I’m sorry I havent posted in ages, I don’t know how other blogging mums do it when they have such little littles. I’ll be back, but so far, 7 weeks in, we’re doing just fine. 



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