40 weeks, Where’s my baby?!

So, true to form I haven’t updated for 4 weeks, although it seems longer! I guess time drags when you’re just sitting around waiting for a baby! Here I am, 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I REALLY thought I’d have a baby by now! I actually feel pretty good. Just getting impatient. I ended up in A&E on Saturday night with a really nasty case of conjunctivitis so the first part of this week I felt pretty crappy and was hoping Baby wasn’t going to make an appearance until now. However I have cleaned skirting boards and have stopped shoving antibiotic ointment in my eye so I’m ready to be a mum now thanks please.


I was 3 weeks early, Tom was a month early, so we naturally assumed that this bambino would be here a while ago, so these last few weeks have been unexpected. It’d be nice to say that I used that time wisely, you know, the last time I’ll ever have time off to myself EVER, but in actual fact, daytime TV got way more attention than I care to admit.

There was a little scare, where I thought my waters had gone. Turned out I just pee’d myself. It’s a really annoying thing, when the baby’s head is very low, you sit down and go for a wee, and nothing much happens, so you think you’re done, stand up, then baby’s head moves off your bladder and gravity does its thing and then you’re standing in the council offices with your best friend, trying to get a parking permit, and she makes you sit on your coat in her brand new car because you think your waters have gone but actually, YOUVE JUST WET YOURSELF for the first time in 29 years. (I’m lying, one time when I was about 13 I laughed so hard I pee’d myself). Not that I was under any illusion that pregnancy and childbirth was anything but dignified, but when you’re living it, the indignity of it all really hits home.

Take shaving for example, I’ve touched on it before, the dark genes thing, I’m simply not able to go long without shaving my legs, pits or anywhere else for that matter, (tummy has become a fun one since its started expanding). After a few days it’s a bit like hundred acre wood. It’s never bothered me massively, you get used to it, quick swipe with Gillettes finest and job done, (well, for at least 3.5 hours…) which is fine, if you can reach. Which I can’t, at least without some kind of fat pregnant lady contortionism along side many grunts and trying not to upend myself in the shower. Oh to be pregnant in winter! I try though, give it a good go, leave the shower feel accomplished and as I’ve just done now while writing this, realise I’ve completely missed my knees. *sigh*. And let’s not even start on the obvious parts of the anatomy that are on display during that ‘special’ time. 😦

Other than the wetting myself situation (which ended with a trip to the MLU for them to confirm that no you have just pee’d), there has been very little to indicate that this little madam is on her way. I’m desperate to avoid induction.. I’ve heard too many horror stories, but I guess if it comes to it then that’s just the way it’ll be.

It occurred to me that babies tend to turn up when your body is unable to sustain them anymore, I am extreamely robust, with the exception of sodding conjunctivitis (thanks public swimming pool), I’m pretty much indestructible according to my friends, so I am slightly worried that this baby isn’t going to come out at all. Or wait until she should be two or something, which I think will become quite inconvenient, not to mention she won’t be able to wear any of the lovely clothes I’ve spent a fortune on, however, that would be terribly unlikely. What is more likely, is that by the time I blog again I really will be a mama for real.

Sillyness aside, Tom and I are so excited for her to be born, I can’t stop wondering what she’ll look like and I just want to cuddle her so much and see her little face zone in on ours and just be a family.

It will also be really cool to be able to shave my legs and not need help to get off the sofa too.


One thought on “40 weeks, Where’s my baby?!

  1. I was just wondering where you were! Hope you enjoy your last few days of non-parenthood. Maybe it will be today! 🙂 I have to confess I’m quite scared by stories of random weeing. I guess there’s an upside to infertility after all! Hope the conjunctivitis is gone and all the best for the next hospital trip!


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