What I wore: 30 weeks and a heatwave

According to the news, this week is going to be a heatwave. This is indeed the UK, however, so I’m not expecting holiday climes, but high 20’s/low 30’s are apparently something we should be prepared for.

If it was up to me, and I’m sure the majority of the population this would mean descent to the beach for a bit of a breeze and a paddle, however, sadly, we’re all still expected to contribute to society and off to work we must go. A fact sadly lamented by all on these sweltering days, but possibly slightly more of anyone that works in a city, particularly London, and possibly a million times more so if you’re a heavily pregnant mama counting down the days to maternity leave.

Trying to keep cool, while also trying to not be arrested for indecent exposure is somewhat tricky, yesterday I pretty much just wanted to walk around the city naked but I don’t think that’s necessarily a popular choice. Unfortunately trying to combine work appropriate attire, public transport, laptop bags and no air conditioning is pretty much impossible at 30 weeks pregnant, which means for one thing, the work appropriate attire has gone right out the window and I can be seen sporting flip flops or converse on my feet, and some kind of maxi dress/jersey dress on my body, complete with the sweaty ‘don’t mess with me’ face.

I ended up sitting on the inside seat of my train yesterday which left me sandwiched in between business-man-who-needs-a-lot-of-space-to-read-the-Evening-Standard and the wall of the train. Around half hour into the journey I thought I was going to pass out as there seemed to be a distinct lack of Oxygen… at least future Caroline knows to sit on the outside so she can breath.

I bought a fan when I went on holiday last year… This is now going to stay in my bag as a summer staple as ones hand or train ticket do not a good fan make, if you do nothing else, then buy a damn fan. 10/10, A++ would recommend.

One thing I’m incredibly grateful for is working from home, which means I’ll only have to brave the city a few times this week.

This ‘what I wore’ post is from Saturday, where I had a lovely day in the park for the Canterbury Folk Festival, the weather was glorious and this was actually something I could do without getting exhausted. I managed to find an array of no-booze-booze in the little Tesco, so I didn’t feel like a social outcast and sat in the sun catching up with friends. It was probably one of my favourite days of late. Being pregnant has left me feeling a bit left out of social things, as I get tired earlier, am obviously not drinking, and feel like I don’t really have much to say and anything I do have to say isn’t really of much interest to my friends who don’t have kids, and I don’t want to be a bore, but Saturday was very nice indeed thank you very much.

In my post about Maternity Clothes I waxed lyrical about Lindy Bop and their beautiful vintage inspired dresses, and this dress has become a staple… (and I was even more excited to find out that they do little girl versions of the dress as well… but that has to be something for a future post!).

You’ll have to excuse the photos, they were taken on the iphone after we’d been out all day, so make-up was non existent, and the photo’s are a bit over exposed, but it’s the best I could do. Perhaps when I get a bit more confident I may try and do it properly with a real camera and a tripod and stuff. That’s what bloggers do isn’t it? 

Whenever I’m feeling a bit frumpy and rotund, this dress makes me feel like me. I paired it with my red Salt Water sandals, which I love, they’re on their 4th summer and have been swimming in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, North Sea and English Channel (the last two are clearly the most exotic). I’m desperate for the patent yellow or turquoise ones, (and you can get them in tiny person size also…). 

The hat was a bit adventurous for me.. I bought it for holiday last year and I didn’t actually wear it… with beating the heat in mind, however, I decided to brave it on Saturday, I added a vintage silk scarf for a bit of colour and I learnt something new… hats do actually keep you cooler!  (logic has always told me that adding items of clothing could only make you warmer).

dress – Lindy Bob Audrey dress // sandals – Salt Water //  hat – Accessorize // scarf – vintage, gifted

So my beating the heat tips?

  • get naked*
  • buy a fan
  • don’t get on public transport
  • wear a hat

*In lieu of getting naked, find a summer dress you like, so at least you look fabulous while sweating it out, glowing.


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