26 Weeks Life Update and What I Wore

Today mark’s the 27th week of my pregnancy, I thought that I started my third trimester last week, but it seems to depend on the app you look at, apparently, this is the start of my third trimester, whichever it is I have a definite bump now and people have started staring at it, which I find a bit odd, and wonder if I used to inadvertently stare at pregnant women’s bellies before, and if I did I am truly sorry.

Baby has been pretty active this week and I saw my tummy move for the first time, which was weird in the extreme but also amazing. I’m looking forward to my next midwife appointment and scan, (I’m getting an extra scan, as they couldn’t get a proper look at her ventricles at the 20 week anomaly scan as she was being awkward BOTH times, that’s my girl).

This time last week my first proper blog post went live, which was exciting, and I was quite overwhelmed by the positive feedback, it’s a bit scary putting yourself out there, and I never expected that anyone would find anything I had to say particularly interesting, so thank you for all your kind words.

I’m usually only in London two days a week now, and work from home the other three as I’m finding it truly exhausting now. My commute is pretty long, usually around two hours door to door, so having the flexibility to work from home is great. I only have six weeks until I go on Maternity Leave, with a week off in between, next week in fact, as we will be moving house.

One evening last week Tom and I drove over to Margate as I had heard that the Mama’s and Papa’s store was closing down and bargains were to be had. I managed to bag a Babymel changing bag (I had no idea regarding brands, but upon a Google search, Netmums has informed me that this is a most sought after one), a cot mobile, cot bumpers and the ‘Medela Swing Fashionable Breastpump’. (I don’t know about anyone else but when I think of fashion, I don’t automatically think of breast pumps, and the word ‘Swing’ associated with breasts conjures up images of cows udders, which while is fairly accurate, isn’t too pretty, despite what my norks may or not be doing these days). Still the Medela comes highly recommended and it was a big bargain. We saved about £120 all together so that was well worth it. Afterwards we went to Broadstairs and had fish and chips on the front which was quite lovely indeed.

Before we went out on Saturday evening to watch some friends play their ukulele’s, I asked Tom to take a few pictures of me for the ‘What I Wore’ segment. I’m not very good at selfie’s and I’m even worse at other people taking photo’s of me, however I sucked it up and as you can see spent the time staring at my shoes because you know, if I can’t see you, you’re not there (toddler logic).


dress – Tu @ Sainsbury’s // belt – Dorothy Perkins // jean jacket – thrifted (originally Primark, I think) // shoes – Converse

Nothing I am actually wearing here is maternity, the dress is sized up and a total bargain, from Sainsbury’s of all places, it is exceedingly large, but with a belt it looks okay, also I don’t mind it being massive as who wants to wear tight fitting clothes when its hot, especially when pregnant.

The weather was warm and sunny on Sunday so we drove over to Whitstable and had a wander and sat on the beach for a while before heading to Macknades, which is a pretty big farm shop in nearby Faversham. They stock some tasty tasty things, so I overspent on all the food before coming home to pig out on posh cheese and pickled onions. That evening I actually cooked dinner. I used to love cooking, and would cook semi elaborate meals at least twice a week, but since being pregnant my palate seems to have turned very basic and I just seem to only fancy boring stuff and have gone off cooking entirely. This is always a winner though, Nigel Slater’s Aubergine Pasta Recipe. It’s a veggie recipe but I added some prosciutto. It really is delicious, although not good for diets given the seventeen gallons of olive oil.

I’m not really sure about these lifestyle posts… I don’t know how often I’ll do them, I don’t suppose anyone is really interested on what I did on a Thursday night. I was more trying to pad out an outfit post, which I felt a bit silly posting, but given the maternity clothes post went down quite well, I thought I should at least show how I’m managing to not muumuu.

I have a post scheduled for Friday that I’m a bit nervous about as it is quite personal, so we’ll see how that goes! Blogging is really new to me, or rather blogging properly, the amount of half arsed BlogSpots out there with my name on are nobodies business. Hopefully I’m doing it ‘right’.


2 thoughts on “26 Weeks Life Update and What I Wore

  1. I love your post and your dress is gorgeous! Did you get it recently? I am finding it difficult to find nice maternity clothes. I hadn’t thought about looking at Sainsburys! Will do now 🙂
    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Please feel free to have a look and my quite honest latest pregnancy blog post about sickness and feel free to comment to get people a like to follow you and comment on your own experience to help others.


    Will follow and keep
    Up to date with your posts. Amanda x


    1. Thanks lovey, I was there buying my dinner and wandered past it… it was in the sale and I only picked it up last week, so if you have a big Sainsbury’s near you then it could still be there. Some stuff I think you can get away with sizing up ‘normal’ clothes, but for the most part I’m entirely in maternity clothes for now!

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