Hey Baby!

Starting a new blog is hard. I have lots of ideas and topics that I would like to talk about but I think maybe I’ll just start at the beginning. One day I peed on a stick…

12 week scan where tiny spawn is all healthy and lovely.

I have always wanted to be a mum, since I was a little kid, it was just one of those things that I knew I wanted, its not the same for everyone else, I know that, and by the way, it is totally okay to know the exact opposite too, people need to get off that whole ‘you’ll change your mind’ bull crap, but I couldn’t imagine not being someones mum, one day. That day happened on the 17th January 2015… my period was a few days late, my boobs were really sore, which was new… and more suspiciously… I really didn’t fancy a glass of wine. IMAGINE THAT. Yeah, something was different, the difference was that a tiny human had started growing in my uterus. Thanks to ClearBlue, it turns out I actually became pregnant sometime around my work christmas party and the start of the booziest 4 weeks of the year. whoops. So… heading downstairs to tell Tom, who may as well have been Ghandi, he was calm as a cucumber (although he did have the flu so it’s quite possible he thought this was some kind of hallucination), I was the one that was freaking out. As mentioned, I had always wanted to be a mama, always, never a doubt in my mind, so why was I freaking out, I was 32, in a long term relationship with someone that I knew would be an amazing dad, we had talked about having kids, so why? I still don’t know, I was terrified and excited at the same time, I felt guilty for getting pregnant so easily, I was scared to tell my mum, but wanted to tell her so badly. I was worried about what people would think and I was scared I’d be a terrible mother. That I was already a terrible mother given the aforementioned four weeks of Boozemas, New Booze Eve and Booze Day. All this lasted about 3 hours, by that evening, unable to tell anyone my news and a sick boyfriend at home, I left the house to meet up with friends feeling a mixture of disbelief and excitement, this was it, I was going to be somebody’s mum, I got this.


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